Wednesday, April 16, 2014

101 Color and Sing Bible Stories

101 Color & Sing Bible Stories, hardcover padded101 Color and Sing Bible Stories by Stephen Elkins is a great resource for parents and Sunday School Teachers.  It has great stories from the whole Bible.  Plus there are two CD's containing songs and a coloring page that goes along with that story.

If you don't have a lot of time or have little children then this is a great book for you.  I actually use it as a supplement and not as the main lesson, because I like to have a little more of the Bible Story in my lesson.  But if you have children under 2 this would be great, as it is basically an intro to the Bible.  It also would work as a devotional for little ones too.  A Bible Story, Coloring Page, and a song.  What a perfect small time with God.

If you are looking for something simple, yet packed with a lot of good stuff - this is the Book for you. The stories are simple, one paragraph, the coloring pages are nice and not cheesy and the songs are easy to learn and sing along with. I believe, you won't be disappointed. 

Thank you Tyndale House Publishing for letting me review this.

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