Monday, November 4, 2013

Knowing God by Name a Devotional

Knowing God by Name: A Girlfriends in God Faith Adventure  -     
        By: Sharon Jaynes, Gwen Smith, Mary Southerland
I previously posted a review on a Devotional I wasn't totally sold on, this one is so different.  I love it.  Knowing God by Name is a devotional that is packed full of scripture, spiritual insights and challenge. 

Knowing God by Name is written by A Girlfriends in God Faith Adventure.  Three ladies that love the Lord, study His Word and apply it to their lives.  You don't feel like they are preaching to you or talking down to you but bringing you along on a journey to discover who Jesus is.

There are 8 weeks divided into 6 sections or days.  I have been not worrying about the weeks or days, but just going through it day by day.  5 days of each week are Bible Study about a different name of God, where they are found and what can be applied to our lives.  The 6th day is called "Now it is your turn."  A chance to remember what was taught and study more and apply it more.

I am enjoying reading each of the 3 ladies, different perspectives as each day is written by someone else.  It is a well rounded book, doesn't lag and really was what I was looking for.  I believe they really sought the Lord on what to say.  It is a book that can be used once, put down for awhile and read it again.  It can be a devotional, like I am doing, or a Bible Study in a small group.  It would be a great Bible study and I might lead one, sometime.

I love learning about the Names of God, revealing His character.  If you have a chance to pick this up, don't hesitate it is well worth it.